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Getting started

Table of contents

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Download codes
  3. Download demo data
  4. Install



  • 8GB Minimum RAM for single experimental data (~ 20mins); For batch analysis of large amount of data, recommended 64GB or more;


  • MATLAB 2016 or higher version;

Download codes

  • a. Clone or download our repository Behavior-Atlas to local, and unZip it;
  • b. Download Feng Zhou’s aca code, unZip the code to the folder Behavior-Atlas\lib\;
  • c. Make sure your Matlab has the UMAP toolbox, if not, please download it and include it to your Matlab path.

Download demo data

Go to Data Resource Download the demo dataset and its corresponding video.


  • Run make.m to compile all C++ files;
  • Run test.m to verify the installation.